5 Simple Ways to Boost Productivty

Follow these guidelines to promote creativity and tranquility in your life

Are you an entrepreneur who’s trying to run a full-time business? Maybe from home? Or maybe you’re trying to get that side hustle going in between all your other responsibilities. Listen, it’s hard, I get it. But you can do it – and you can do it successfully… and relatively pain-free! There’s no super-secret success guide all these other seemingly successful women have figured out – at least not one that’s been shared with me!


So how are they doing it? Hard-work? Obviously. Luck? No. Intentionality? Yes. 


Decide to create the life and business you want – and then do it. Follow these steps – and stick to them – to hit the ground running (and find yourself noticeably less stressed and worry-free)!

Feng Shui

Whether you’re working from home or not, your space matters. A tidy, clutter-free space, either to work from, come home to, or both, relieves stress, anxiety, and creates peace. You don’t have to go full-blown minimalist to achieve this, though that’s one route. But being intentional about minimizing your possessions and clearing out your space will leave you feeling lighter and worry-free.


  • Start in one room. Shiny object syndrome is REAL so don’t lose focus. 
  • Create three piles – to keep, to toss, to donate. 
  • Turn on some Spotify or a podcast and get to work. Set a timer for 30–45 minutes. 
  • Lather, rinse, repeat until your space is purged. 
  • And your donate pile? Donate it NOW – or else it will sit and collect dust, creating an eyesore in your newly clutter-free space. 


Does this take time? Yes – but it’s worth it. Having a space that is distraction-free is essential to producing your best work and keeping you in the right frame of mind. So, once you’ve finished one space, move on to the next. You’ll thank me later.


You now have a space that’s been purged and is (hopefully) clutter-free. How do you keep it that way? By creating routines and being intentional. That tidy and clutter-free kitchen you have won’t stay that way without some upkeep on your end. You know the feeling of waking up in the morning and walking into a clean kitchen to enjoy your morning coffee (or tea, or smoothie)? Make that happen every day. 


Before bed, take a few minutes to wash and put away all your dishes. Wipe down your counters and don’t let them become a catch-all for the day’s mail, papers, or found objects – put them back where they belong! Not feeling like you have to wake up and clean first thing helps you to clear your mind and begin focusing on what’s important — being a bad-ass lady boss. 


Trying to start or expand a business is hard – and it’s even harder when you’re not invested in it. Sure, you’ve invested resources and money, but how do you make sure you are investing your time in a way that matters? It’s SO hard to stay focused on the end game when you’re being pulled in a million directions. 


Are you at home with your kids (whether full-time or after working another job full-time)?  Hire a babysitter for a couple of mornings or evenings a week – or even just a few a month. Knowing that you’re paying for this time is a great way to keep your mind focused and productivity up. No kids? Get out of the house! Look into a coworking space for a few hours each week. If you’re spending the money to be there, you’ll be more motivated to get. it. done. 

Positive Input

What are you listening to and filling your mind with? Filling your social media feeds with? These things have a HUGE impact on you and your mindset whether you realize it or not. Do you unconsciously click on the news each morning (if you still have cable)? Or tune into it on the way to work? Try turning it off.


Instead, look up some successful people in your field and subscribe to their podcasts! Or download their audiobooks! Hearing how others have “made it” is super motivational, especially when you realize that failure is just a part of the game. Make sure you’re following these people on your social media pages, too! 


Be intentional about what you hear and what you see – you’ll start noticing pretty quickly how much of your time is spent filling your mind with needless, depressing, frustrating, and negative things. Make the change and take steps to protect your time – and watch your productivity sky-rocket.


This is KEY! Score a huge win? Who’s there to celebrate? I mean really celebrate – like, they know how big of a deal this is because they’re right there with you in the trenches of entrepreneurship. You need those people. They’re also going to be the ones who keep you from spiraling downward after those inevitable fails. 


Maybe you have family around. Maybe you have a tribe. Some people are blessed with awesome built-in support systems, but unless they are facing similar challenges, it can be hard to be super open with them about your business (especially when you’re in the beginning stages or hitting some rough patches). 


Surround yourself with women who are on the same journey. You’ll need their advice, encouragement, level-headedness, support, and excitement! 


You don’t have to walk this path alone


We’re built for community, and there are no rules about how many “different” communities we get to have. Setting time aside each week to focus on building relationships with like-minded women will infinitely benefit you and your business.


Creating a business requires a lifestyle change. You need to shift your focus, shift your priorities, and become intentional. It is 100% possible! These steps are just the beginning – but follow these and you’ll be farther ahead in the game than most. Create and maintain the space you love, utilize the time you have, flood yourself with wisdom from the experts, and share a coffee with friends while creating a like-minded community. 


You got this.


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Jil Shipman

Jil Shipman


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