“It’s not just a membership, it’s a coffee-loving, goal-driven sisterhood.”

Online Networking for women entrepreneur - virtual coffees - 100 Coffees


  • Real women helping other women do life and business
  • Friendships that withstand time and distance.
  • A team of women interested in your business and want to help you succeed!
  • Support during hard times
  • Inspiration during dry times
  • Affirmation during uncertain times
  • Encouragement all the time 



Online Networking for women entrepreneur - virtual coffees - 100 Coffees

Access and Opportunity

  • 24/7 access to network with like-minded women looking for friendships,  laughter, and reciprocal support on their journey for entrepreneurial success
  • Be supported to have 100 Coffees with 100 different entrepreneurial women for support, inspiration, and guidance! 
  • Join one of our many online meetings and meet several members within a one-hour event!
  • Receive free or discounted admission into an in-person 100 Coffees event 
  • Access to any online campaign within the 100 Coffees Community Group. 

Online Networking for women entrepreneur - virtual coffees - 100 Coffees

Growth and Development

  • Increased confidence working online and with social media
  • Increased social media presence
  • Perfect public speaking and conversational skills  to be applied to in-person networking
  • Focus on personal development and settling into your own purpose
  • Expand your comfort zone
  • Step into a leadership role when you are ready by hosting a mastermind, book study, Accountability Group, and more! 

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What are women saying about the 100 Coffees online networking community?

“100 Coffees is a great group to network and develop your skills with social media for your business.”

Candace Gruber

Public Speaker, John Maxwell Team

“Great idea, fantastic people! I am just learning about this group, and I only have positive comments!!”

Tish Webber

Published Author, Tishpirations

“100 Coffees has truly been the best place for me to overcome fears, learn new things, meet a bunch of new and awesome ladies, and learn how to network better and on a more personal level!” 

Bonnie McConaughy

Content Specialist, Writer

“Angela and Michelle Mishave created something very special for women entrepreneurs. Get plugged in and and value where you can!!!”

Missy Day

Life and Business Coach, Corporate Trainer and Speaker, Missy Day Success Coaching, 50 Shades of Blonde

“100 Coffees is such an amazing concept!! Love this group! The interactions with the women in this group are so uplifting, enjoyable and supportive!” 

Farah Joy Rupani

Energy Transformationalist + Reiki Master/Teacher, Ferah Joy LLC

“100 Coffees is unlike any other networking group I have joined. It goes beyond prompts and only interacting via messages on their wall and through PM. This group allows ou to truly meet and get to know women from all walks of life, types of businesses and areas of the world. I love that I’m able to virtually connect with these women and see their faces. It’s a great concept and I truly enjoy being a part of the group!”

Tasha Cook

Wellness Advocate, Do Terra

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